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Weight loss success stories from happy members

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Meet Stephanie
Lost 10.1kg and 44cm

“My zest for life and a desire to be more healthy, happy, fit and positive led me to join Healthy Inspirations.

There have been many moments when my choices of some foods or going back for seconds have caused a yo-yo effect, but with the wonderful support, encouragement and smiles from the staff you keep going and the rewards will come.

Reaching my goal is just the beginning to maintaining and keeping an enjoyable happy, healthy lifestyle.”

Meet JoAnne
Lost 13kg and 54cm

"My weight had crept up by 10 kilos over the last 10 years. I was a size 14 and I felt unattractive to my husband of 44 years, with the beginning of a dowager’s hump, sleep apnoea, tiredness, and a muffin top. Not a good look for a reasonably attractive 67 year old.

I started one week before Christmas 2018, so I was determined to give it a real go, forgetting about alcohol and snacks and lollies over Christmas and the New Year. Now I just say ‘no thanks’ to all those lollies, ice creams, weekend alcohol, cakes, biscuits, peanut butter and 3.00 pm binge on anything I could find in the pantry. I found with the suggestions of protein balls and bars to replace my snacking I really didn’t need them, and could easily have a teaspoon taste of a piece of birthday cake for a special occasion. I found it a great help to make friends with the other girls – all with a common goal,  do a circuit after walking the 2.5kms to the gym, enjoying a black coffee and a chat after the sessions – or a relaxing massage in the chair.”

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Meet Stephanie
Lost 60.7kg and 183cm

“After struggling with my weight for years, I realised I needed to do something about it. I walked past the Healthy Inspirations sign every day, and I decided after talking to my partner, I would take the plunge and join.

I needed to do something dramatic as I was gaining weight and my health was starting to suffer. I was on Medication for high blood pressure and reflux. I have now been weaned off the medication due to the weight loss.”

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Meet Stephanie
Lost 7.9kg and 30cm

“For most part of my childhood and teenage years I have had a lot of troubles with being overweight for my age. I lacked confidence and self-esteem because I could not do a lot of the activities children my age were doing. The lack of confidence and self-esteem began to affect my adult life as I was always insecure about the way I looked and felt.

Despite my several attempts at going to different gyms or eating, what I thought was, healthy foods, I still struggled to lose weight the healthy way, but that was until I discovered Healthy Inspirations 5 months ago. At first, I was scared and unsure if it was something I could commit to. I always found comfort in food and the thought of changing the way I ate and what I ate was very scary. I decided to give it a shot and set myself up for small goals at a time. Within the first week I was able to lose nearly 3kgs. I surprised myself!”

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